Sunday, May 1, 2011

TWIST : That's What I Said on Twitter

Long time no see :) . But now I've thought of a relatively better idea that might break my Developer's Writing Block. Quite simply, I'll choose a few of my own tweets, will add value and transform those 140 characters into a shiny new Blog Post . LOL. Now how hard could that be !

So let's begin. What do I need first?  Right ! One of my brilliant tweets . Yeah but which one or is there at least one?

Tried Twitter Search but that didn't help much in excavating those old tweets which must have been good and now gone missing ;) . Luckily, I've subscribed to a RSS feed of my favorite tweets in my Google Reader. It was for some of my experiments that you can check under Twitter section of the Blog - it will come in handy to find my own favorite tweets easily.  Settled for a recent one ;) . Rest is easy just copy-paste;  the most frequent activity performed by a Programmer - when they are not wasting time over internet. There you go!

rmtiwariI'll choose a few of my own tweets, will add value and transform those 140 characters into a shiny new Blog Post .how hard could that be ;)
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Did not go too well, did it ! Kind of getting recursive so before it gets caught into an infinite loop of referencing each other, I better chose another one.  Not a problem at all ! Plenty to choose from :)


rmtiwariyou don't need to advertise that 'you're expert /cool /smart etc. You will be *told* when you are & 'll have to live with the consequences .
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So now comes the next part . How will I add value to this tweet and transform know...shiny stuff. I must have thought of something while penning down this gem of a tweet ;) .So what was the context and the thought behind?'s getting a bit harder now. TWSS ;)

There wasn't much thought really. To be fair, it's twitter and we have to say something within 140 chars.

The context is subconsciously derived from what is going on around us and the response is pretty much just..anything really that seems right at that point but may not have the support of a proper logical thinking. It could have been just a casual opinion or at best an intuition with some relation to underlying beliefs.

But my Intuition is that 'Intuition is a good thing'.  I know, worth tweeting ;). But let's get some peer review for this statement and verify before releasing it for a wider audience.

Who do you think is the 'Peer' of  these mediocre and relatively introvert Programmers? Of course it's Google in general but we normally settle for no less than Albert Einstein. He must have said something about Intuition within 140 characters. Verified.

‘ The only real valuable thing is intuition. - Albert Einstein.

My suspicion is that Einstein knew about the importance of these quotes to the future generation, especially during twitter-era, hence invested considerable time perfecting these one liners. In fact, there might just be a co-relation between speed of light, number of bits in a byte and the fix limit of 140 characters in twitter. I'll leave you to figure that out.

I am still on the preparation phase of this post but accidentally clicked the 'Publish Post' instead of 'Save'. Not my fault as both the buttons are conveniently placed together in Blogger. So I'll just tweet below remarks, blame @blogger and publish this post anyway.

rmtiwariwrong button pressed. draft in-progress post published and feedburner has the RSS. @ why do you have publish & save buttons together
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To be continued....see next post TWIST Continued : Importance of Intuition in Software Programming

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