Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Thingamy and a Failure of web2.0

Tags are not enough. In fact, sometimes they don't make any sense at all, specially on my Blog. Check my posts based on tags. Frankly, they won't make much sense otherwise also ;-)

I guess now Sig will have to change his Tag ( sorry triple ) line as well .
Here's my 30*3=90 Megs(approx), at least now go run Germany.

I don't talk much but recently I commented on Sig's Blog and also shared my fictional idea about a Software Time Machine. "Sig + nicely explained + Triples" with the help of a few examples.

How come so many enterprise software bloggers reviewed, applauded , criticized & suggested but didn't notice such a basic issue with Thingamy's design[ in the hindsight , of course ]?
  • Are these Web2.0 conversations shallow and lack the depth needed for any substantial impact?
  • Is everyone busy stating the obvious?
  • Is it because startups like Thingamy are less within the range of their business compared to SAP?
  • Is it a failure of web2.0?
  • Or is it a success? [At least everyone will share the blame. ]
Make a difference or stop writing......ok so here is my STOP, for the time being ;-)
Here is my TechEd, Go run to Germany.

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