Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Views + iViews = Complex Views

Don't worry, the iViews that I am going to discuss here does not correspond to any SAP BSP/Portal iViews. In fact this is something very different and about my thoughts, perceptions, views and imaginary views.

Off late, I've developed a very interesting tendency of questioning my own (real) views about a particular concept or topic and then challenge it with an imaginary view. This imaginary view can either be contradictory or just a bit different in nature but it's not the real view or perception that I used to have [ most of the time my real views are in-line with the general perception].

Further, if I put both these views together then the resultant thought/view becomes a lot more complex.

Remember that in mathematics, a complex
number is a number of the form X + iY
where X and Y are real numbers, and i is the imaginary unit.

After this process, though the final thought/view becomes a lot more complex and vague but it's also very interesting and satisfying than the original perception that I had.

For example, earlier I thought about the timing aspect of any change.
- While my real view is very much in line with the normal perception that says good changes/innovations should be implemented well ahead of the time so that you can have the leader's advantage. I came up with an iView.

- Another iView that I am thinking about for sometime now is the hype around the buzz-word 'Innovation'. Of course Innovation can't be bad but then what could be an iView for this perception/view ( or even a fact )?

Is 'Innovation' perfectly good? Is there a chance that Innovation might not be considered good ( or as good as something else ) in a particular scenario [ e.g. in a specific kind of situation and timing where it's not as effective or may be it’s actually not desired].

Why 'Accenture' changed it's tagline from 'Innovation delivered' to 'High Performance delivered', a few years back? Is 'Innovation' less important than 'High Performance' for the IT consulting companies/Customers? Is it more relevant to a 'Technology/Product' company like SAP/Oracle?

Can I categorize Innovation? e.g.

  1. The innovation which is very relevant to the real issues being faced by the world at present.
  2. The ones that are technically satisfying and important but are not relevant as yet. It does not solve any real life issue now but there is a potential. However no one knows what to do with it.

Should ‘Innovation of the first kind’ be given more focus and be implemented immediately. And those of the 2nd kind should be encouraged, discussed and preserved for later implementation [when we know what should be done with this ].
If not then will the hype around the 2nd kind of innovation distract the focus from the 1st kind?
In fact, sometime a few normal / ‘common sense’/ ‘as usual’ approaches are hyped as ‘Innovation’ and that can further harm the ‘Innovation of 1st kind’.

What is your view or rather iView?

I noticed that I am not very structured with my thoughts. I know
I should be very clear and structured and this is what we have been told.
But does it make sense to waste a lot of time in getting it correct,
the very first time. Whenever, I think I will write about a particular topic,
only after structuring my thoughts, in most of the cases it remains
un-written. So I will rather… just do it.....I’ll update it later, if

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