Tuesday, May 1, 2007

While BPX Bridge is in the making...

....Let's make the two ends meet for the time being.

That seems to be a good idea. See David's post SDN and BPX on a Joint Mission.

BPX [ Business Process Expert ] is possibly the bridge which will eventually connect the geeks with users [ someone suggested Geeks say 'User' when they actually mean 'Dumb' ] or if you don't like to personify then technology with business.

However, it has never been easy. As they say, East is East & West is West..and even if they decide to meet, technically it will just be a point or may be a thin line.

If you check SDN (Geek) Blogs, you'll find a few bright ideas presented but very rarely these ideas are supported with a proper business case. I think if Geeks can just start thinking a bit in this line or take help from the Business Process Practitioners to present a business case/motivation for their technical ideas then it should make a lot of difference. If they have a good idea it must be able to make at least some difference in the way things are done.

To motivate Geeks, if anyone who is writing a technical blog but has made at least one convincing example under the heading 'The Business Case' , then it should be tagged as both SDN as well BPX and rewarded accordingly.

Similarly, if a Business Process Practitioner can come with a requirement to improve a business process/scenario, he should take assistance from Geeks in finding a technical approach for the same.

Also, some kind of open challenge can be started by detailing one business process and then challenging Geeks and Business Process Practitioners to improve/implement.

I must have read the example below ( or similar ) on one of the Enterprise Blogs.

e.g. Recruitment Team needs a basic background check for the candidates.
Integrate with web and add a 'Get/Match Details' feature in recruitment module.

Input provided : Name, Email, Qualification details, skill area, ex-company name etc.
The info will be used to check if :

  • The university does award the mentioned degree.
  • His record/points on SDN.
  • A reference-required mail to SDN Moderator ;-)

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