Friday, May 11, 2007

Web2.0 simulation wave at SDN

Geeks at SDN have started bringing most of the web2.0 innovations on SAP platform. After a few widgets and then a BSP Wiki, what do you think will be the next wave at SDN?

My bet is that it will be a open source blogger like platform, a forum, a twitter simulation or another dig, written in ABAP/BSP/WebDynpro. Geeks are geeks :) . I think the new trend on SDN will be to copy each and every idea of web2.0 and develop it through ABAP/SAP tools.

Not a bad idea provided we can find some use of it in the enterprise scenario. Otherwise, I will prefer an open source project executed with the collaboration of Business Process Experts and Geeks to develop something which can find real use in Industry.

But as I said geeks are geek.... How can we build a Blogger platform for SAP?
If we can build so many solutions for the industry what's the big deal about developing a Blogger platform. In fact, it should be easy as we are the users of this platform and already aware of the functionalities required. Don't need a functional specification either.

Ok so it's not a big deal. So what about this can we build a workable blogger platform by utilising existing SAP functionalities for document management.

For example, how can you build a blogger platform [ at least something like SDN weblog platform ] by utilizing DMS [ document management service ] and BSPs etc. The restriction is that you should not be designing and creating a database of your own rather use SAP standard functionality & tables.

So basically the steps can somewhat be [ don't have DMS in miniSAP so can't check] :

  • Configure a new document type for a Blog [ in SPRO --> Cross Applications --> DMS ]
    The content server can be the database or file server.

  • Create a new Class for Blog in classification [ Xn CL01 ]. Attach a few characteristics to store the tags [ topics ] related with a post.

  • Now develop a BSP application and embed a rich text editor [ HTML/JavaScript ] into it for editing post [ doc ]. You can use document BAPIs to create or change a post [ BAPI_DOCUMENT_CREATE2 & BAPI_DOCUMENT_CHANGE2 ] .

  • List the posts & get post data using BAPI_DOCUMENT_GETLIST, BAPI_DOCUMENT_* etc or use the document table DRAW. Keep the tags of post as classification characters tics . Use BAPI_OBJCL_CREATE, BAPI_CLASS_GET_CLASSIFICATIONS etc.

Ok forget it :)


  1. or you could integrate wordpress with the netweaver platform and job done.

  2. Hi Nigel,

    You are right the idea should be to integrate best-of-breed web2.0 utilties with SAP, wherever possible, rather than developing it from scratch on SAP platform.

    Integration rather than simulation should be the way forward. But still there are open source projects being run to develop web2.0 utilities from scratch.

    And I was just wondering if simulation of web2.0 utilities will be the new wave on SDN.

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