Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Q3: Any online learning material for SAP ABAP?

Is there any material online, which can be used to learn and understand basics of ABAP?

Any !! actually the problem is that there are too many!!
Ask this question on any ABAP forum like SDN or ITToolbox and see the response.

If you are serious about learning basic ABAP then just go through a good ABAP Programming Book. See my response in the last post and you can take a print-out of the online ABAP/4 in 21 Days or buy the Book. In my opinion, online learning material is not a substitute for a good ABAP Book. You should first learn the basic concepts from a Book and then try to solve the question posed on any ABAP forum and also check out other tips / FAQs etc. You can also check-out other online material ( SDN Blogs for beginners etc. ).

Also, SAP Help is a good source of detailed information but again the issue is that too much of information may not be suitable for a beginner. I would suggest you buy a good ABAP book and understand the basic concepts from the Book first and then practice it. Further, try SAP Help for details on the topic.

Also, if you have/can get SAP Training material on basic ABAP then that would be good. Actually, it's a copyrighted material and should not be shared but if you ask for it on ABAP forums ( e.g. SDN ) then there is a good chance that some of them will share it with you over the email. Ignorance is Bliss, so some of them also offer it online without understanding the copyright violation. Search for 'ABAP Tutorials' on Google.

Go through the ABAP sites as a good timepass. Just try different combinations of "SAP ABAP Tutorials Training FAQs Interview Questions" in Google and you will get a good timepass from different sites [ some of these should be good ]. But remember it's still a timepass, but just a good one.


  1. Are there any other GOOD beginner books on ABAP that are current? The "teach yourself ABAP in 21 days" book is out of print, the ones I have studied are way out of date.

  2. Hi Enniss,

    I've not read these books but other consultants have given good reviews to the books below:

    - ABAP Objects by Horst Keller
    - Next Generation ABAP Development by Rich Heilman & Thomas Jung [ I guess this will require some basic ABAP understanding ]

    ABAP/4 in 21 days is a very nice book to understand the basics of the ABAP procedural programming, data types, DDIC , functions etc. It does not contain the advance and OO part but I would still recommend the book to a beginner.


  3. Not to mention there are some nice blog series on SDN for the beginners in ABAP OO, ABAP WebDynpro, Web Services etc.
    e.g. here is a link for one of the nice blog series.
    ABAP Trial Version for Newbies :


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