Saturday, May 19, 2007

When will CharITy begin at home?

I really don't know what should I write about. After posting a comment on SDN,I was thinking about why IT companies do not act as a role model for the implementation of technology before asking others to do the same. Not sure if I am correct but as I mentioned in my comment:

I think unlike ERP, GRC solution will be required for all the companies and IT companies will be no exception.

Generally, we develop enterprise suits and industry specific solutions for other industries but never felt this need for the IT industry. Irony is that while other industries use powerful solutions like SAP for most of their business processes, IT uses MS Excel, Outlook and some project management software to handle their own processes/projects [other than HR & FI ( to an extent ) ].

Anyway, I am sure someone from Enterprise Software Bloggers' will discuss this, if it is really an issue.

However, there is another and more down to earth topic. After getting many queries from SAP aspirants about their career, I am finding it hard to avoid/answer them. Do you think there is an issue of their inclusion into SAP ecosphere? Lately, I could not reply to most of their queries because it's so very difficult to provide a customized answer, each time. Will someone please come up with a SAP like solution [that requires little customisation ;-)] for their career queries and guide them?

I found this forum on SDN, which seems to be related but the issue is that Career issues should only be answered by experienced and competent people. After all it's a question of someone's career, not the same as messing up a BADI implementation.

As an example, I found someone suggested an SD consultant to change his career and become an ABAP programmer. Just because that guy is working on a service project & involved with testing in SAP SD area.

I found an interesting debate on the same forum, What innovation is needed to meet the needs of the future workforce?.

I would suggest, please include the SAP aspirants as part of the SAP ecosphere and provide them proper guidance. I think a SAP Career Forum at SDN should be started and answers should be reviewed by experienced and established SAP Career Gurus.

In case you are interested in the queries that are being asked, let me know.


  1. /I think unlike ERP, GRC solution will be required for all the companies and IT companies will be no exception.

    I don't know how many companies have done, but to my knowledge all the IT biggies like Infosys, Wipro, CTS, MindTree have implemented SAP fullfledge and they use them for their day to day activity.

  2. SAP is not used to manage the main processes of IT industry.

    Mainly HR and FI are implemented by the IT companies as SD , PP, MM etc. does not make much ( and I mean much not any ) sense for an IT company.

    Primary business of an IT company is to handle IT projects.
    And project management softwares used are not as sofisticated and scalable as an ERP / SAP system.


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