Thursday, March 15, 2007

Bloggers about SAP

Where should you ask your career related queries or technical

I would suggest first try any of the SAP ABAP Forums like SDN, ITToolBox or SAPFans for your technical/career issues.

While asking a question, about your career, ensure that you've given proper information about your background & the problem along with your location. Generally, the job-trend/work-environment depends on a particular location. Understand that, a local expert will be able to help you better with those kind of queries which are influenced by local conditions/trend.

However, if you are confused or not able to receive proper guidance from there then you may directly try to contact one of the Bloggers. Apart form Bloggers on SDN, you can put your queries to a few external Bloggers as well.

The list of those Bloggers, is maintained at SDN Wiki Page: Bloggers about SAP

PS: Remember, it does not list all the Blogs but only those which are well-known on the web.
Also, it does not include the Blogs that violate copyrights of others. So you may not be able to find the Blogs like S A P D O C S, which contain a lot of copyrighted training materials.

These training materials are owned by SAP AG and should not be distributed without having permission from SAP AG. Please refrain yourself from asking/distributing SAP Training Material, on Forums.

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