Thursday, March 22, 2007

Get some sense before asking your queries

I really get pissed off when I receive a question of such nature:

"Please send me initial Stock upload program at Warehouse at bin level. for this I am using MB1c = LT06+ LT12 to place material in binls level . If you have any LSMW or BDC please let me know and send me the same".

Yaa !! and you send me your pay-cheques. Why, do you think, your company has recruited you? So that you can ask for the code from others?

You guys have given a new dimension to the term called ‘Outsourcing’.

If this is the kind of attitude you have then you will not be able to learn anything. At least you should know what you are asking for. Ask for help, when you understand the requirement. I repeat "Don't ask for the code, ask for assistance in writing a program".

First try to understand the requirement clearly then ask your question with the complete information, in one of the forums. Check SDN . If you put your query in the forums the way you did then you are just making a joke out of yourself. It's embarrassing for you and probably for the community you belong to (that includes me).

Also, I will request to all the forums, not to encourage such kind of "outsourcing".

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