Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Q2: Trying to get a Job in SAP ABAP..

Question: Hello Sir,
I am learning many new things from your website. I am a SAP
aspirant and trying my level best to get in to ABAPer job, your site is teaching me lot many things. I want to meet you can you please give me chance to meet you and get more knowledge. Waiting for your reply very eagerly. Thank you for sparing your valuable time to read my email.

Thanks for your email. Please go through my last post on how you should be able to develop yourself in SAP ABAP field.

Also, understand that it may not be possible for me to reply to all your queries or meet personally, however I would be suggesting practical ways to achieve your goals.

As suggested, please read the books and ask your technical questions in a SAP ABAP Forum like SDN etc. Since you don't have a job, try to get access to a SAP system, where you can write ABAP test programs. In case you've a PC/Laptop then you might try to install the free version of SAP Netweaver System ( ABAP ). Check this link Sneak Preview SAP NetWeaver on SDN.

Please try to get some help from SDN forum, if you face any problem with the installation. I hope you understand that I am just an individual, with his own set of issues and a day job to manage so you should get the answers for your queries on SAP forums.

At the same time, you should keep on trying for a job. Just to clarify, I will not be able to provide you any direct help, in getting your job. Also, please be realistic and judge your strengths and weaknesses before deciding about your career.

There are a few ways to get into SAP ABAP for a fresher[ or any other IT field ] :

Selection through Campus Interview: This is possibly the easiest way to get into a job, for a fresher. But it's probably because he has the level and has already done a lot of hard work to get into these colleges of repute [ IITs, REC/NITs, BITs, Good Govt. colleges etc. ], where campus placements are arranged. You need to appear for the aptitude tests/interviews. However, I don't know about many IT companies, who will provide you any choice at the time of selection, regarding the actual stream ( e.g. Java or SAP ABAP or .Net ). It is decided at a later stage and you may or may not become a SAP ABAP consultant.

Off-campus selection: In case, you are not able to make it though the above option, then you need to try for a job by yourself. You need to apply through Job portals[e.g. http://www.naukri.com/ ], Manpower consultants or through employee referral from your contacts.

However, this is relatively difficult situation to be in. While searching for a job, you need to ensure that you are able to utilise your time by joining some IT-Training classes. This way you can show that you have not been sitting idle for all this time.

Remember, that with each passing day, after graduating from your college, your chances of getting a job, becomes bleaker. So try to get a job asap even if you need to compromise on salary or any other part. Also, practically speaking, I would suggets to try and get a job first rather than getting a job in ABAP. e.g. If you can get a job in Java also then there is a good chance that you should be able to join SAP development sometime later.

Also, understand that you might well have to go through aptitude tests rather than an ABAP interview, as fresher level recruitment is generally not done for a specific skill-set. So keep yourself ready for these tests.

Further, when you are joining a training-class, then you should make a decision, based on your own strength and weaknesses and not because someone else has done it /Due to the market conditions only.

For example, did you ever ask yourslef as why do you think that you can be a good programmer? And why ABAP?

Think and answer these questions to yourself before choosing your career. Please don't decide your career just becuase a particular skill is hot in the market rather evaluate your own strengths and then decide.

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  1. That was a really good suggestion for the graduated freshers and eager to do SAP courses, as SAP is indeed in demand in present situation. I wish I could get a suggestion earlier.
    I graduated in 2012, tried to get a job in IT field(mainly JAVA) and concentrated hardly. As I didn't get calls, i still waited. Now that I have done SAP ABAP course, I have very less chances to get a job in this field. What do I do?


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