Friday, March 23, 2007

Oracle Vs. SAP : Who's being Innovative?

Innovation was the key to their success. However, now a days, the key Innovation could have been one of these [ in a lighter vein ]:

1. Sue your competitor to ruin their reputation.

2. Steal copyrighted materials so that you can support your competitor's obsolete products.

3. SAP did it to Oracle. Now it's Oracle's turn. So if you are a third party service provider, better start supporting obsolete versions of SAP. Oracle will buy you soon.

4. Join hands with your competitor [ in ERP Products ] and play a game of lawsuits so that no other customer will ever dare switching to a third party maintenance provider.

5. No technical/business innovation can match these non-technical/non-business innovations.

'Sad day for Enterprise Software'? Not at all.. It's just innovation !!

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